Exhibition of LLL7 squares in Exeter

Watch this space for information about an exhibition of the series LLL7 (squares) which will launch in Exeter this month at the fabulous new Hyde + Seek shop and gallery!

It will be the first time this work is shown publicly and some of the pieces will be available for purchase! More information to follow.

LLL 7.1 (2009). Pistachio shells in grout on board. 1000x1000x40mmLLL 7.3 tealights. Used tealights in grout on board. 450x450x40mmLLL 7.2 pistachio prints. Grout on board. 400x400x40mmLLL7.4 A self portrait. Clothing labels on canvas. 1500x1500x40mmLLL 7.5 actimel. 784 plastic bottles on board. 1220x1220x100mmLLL 7.6 britta. Carbon from 12 water filters in adhesive on board. 350x350x40mm


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