I am a practising artist of over 10 years in the areas of installation, performance, sculpture, film and photography. I live in Cornwall and am currently studying for a PhD at Falmouth University which investigates ways of engaging people with ecological issues. It is important to me that my work has a minimal carbon footprint and therefore you will find themes of recycling, found objects, collections and habitation. Many thanks for your interest!

2004 Portsmouth University – BA (Hons) Fine Art (1st Class)
2007 Brighton University – MA Fine Art
currently studying for PhD at University College Falmouth

Solo shows
2005 ‘Looking Like Landscapes’ Walcot Chapel, Bath
2010 (Occupant) Grey Area Gallery, Brighton
2014 ‘LLL7 (squares)’ Hyde + Seek gallery, Exeter

Group shows
2005 ‘Looking Like Landscapes 4: Preparing for Paint’ Bath Fringe festival
2005 ‘Preparing for Paint 2’ Il Bordello, Bristol
2006 ‘LLL 6: Substance Landscapes’ Brighton Fringe – Visual Arts Prize Shortlist
2006 ‘Parenthesis’ Bath Fringe festival
2007 ‘Preparing for Paint 5’ Blank studios, Brighton
2009 ‘Learning at Work’ Royal United Hospital Bath (photography)
2011 ‘Lost Keys’ as part of ‘Collective’ exhibition, Bath Fringe festival
2011 Mural for Glastonbury festival
2011 Bath Society of Artists 106th Annual Exhibition, Victoria Art Gallery, Bath
2012 ‘4.33’ CMR, Redruth
2012 ‘Assemblage’, Yarner Woods, Devon
2013 ‘LLL 7.4 a self portrait’ as part of ‘AIR Pressure’ exhibition, Academy for Innovation and Research, Falmouth

2008 Curator, ‘VOID’ Photography exhibition – Bath Fringe festival
2008-09 Hanging various, RPS monthly exhibition, Bath
2013 Curating team, AIR Pressure exhibition, Academy for Innovation and Research, Falmouth
2013 Judging panel, FASCINATE bursaries and hanging team
2014 Rigger, FASCINATE showcase stage

2010 ‘Occupant’ Grey Area Gallery, Brighton
2012 ‘4.33’ CMR, Redruth

Events/ administration
2006-09 Research Assistant, Brighton University
2008 Voluntary gallery assistant, Victoria Art Gallery
2008-09 Exhibitions officer, Royal Photographic Society
2009-11 Researcher, Rambert (Contemporary Dance Company)
2012 Co-organiser, ‘Falmouth Sustainability Jam’
2013 Coordinator and originator, ‘AIR Pressure’, Tremough campus
2013 FASCINATE conference team
2014 Thread presenter

2012 ‘Fish, Truth & Memory’ NISP, UCF
2012 ‘Crisis of the Corporate Storyteller’ The Impact of my Research, Bristol University
2012 ‘Storytelling to promote pro-environmental behaviours in Cornish businesses’ Summer Research Symposium, London College of Fashion
2013 ‘Recyclable, Compostable, Sustainable’ Research Student Symposium, Falmouth
2013 ‘Promoting ‘sustainable’ behaviours in Cornish businesses: telling stories’ Future Climate Dialogues, Aberystwyth Arts Centre
2014 ‘Perceived social norms as tools of persuasion: an introduction to descriptive and injunctive norms’ Thread sandpit, Academy of Innovation and Research, Falmouth


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